Design between values, rituals and cultures

A research on the interaction of culture-related rituals through objects


Many objects of our daily life have immigrated from all over the world to our culture and are developing further with and also through us. These everyday objects, rituals and gestures of objects increasingly mirror a new and multifaceted present. The topic of my Bachelor thesis is our daily eating culture and its unnoticed and unquestioned values, traditions and rituals which enter increasingly into our daily routine. Through researching and developing a hybrid design, I mirrored and discussed the merge of objects, life and cultural environments of our complex present. Culture cannot stand still. It is a continuous change through new influences and transformations. Design can reflect and utilise its cultural change as a tool for creating something new.While researching on different eating cultures and their rituals, values and traditions I developed specific criteria  cultures are fundamentally based upon and generate additional social benefit. In this project I combined different eating cultures and hybridised certain aspects to a new and meaningful eating culture in which the sense of community and the value of food  take centre. The strict system of our rules in the European eating culture is contrasted with a more open and active tradition of the Indian and Arabic eating culture and which led me to combine the various traditions in the design process. Through a new intercultural interaction at the table, an active exchange and focus of an open community and an appreciation of food is created.


exhibited at ‚Synopsis‘ – graduation show, Product-Design programme, Bauhaus University Weimar, 2017