cooperation with BMW I Design

New value and use for recycling carbon fibres

collaboration with Wiebke Mueller

2014 /2015

The material research project -2nd Life- aimed to explore innovative strategies and develop functional objects from residual carbon fibre left over from industrial processes. Therefore, the focus of the 2nd Life project laid on an intensive examination of the carbon fibre (material). The primary concern was to acquire extensive proficiencies and an understanding of the qualities, manufacturing processes and processing methods up to the point of recycling, in close dialogue with research institutes. 2nd life was an experimental and unconventional approach to creatively analysing the materials, to find new, innovative uses and concepts.

The conceptual flexible but stiffened and foldable exhibition stand can be transported as a tarpaulin and unfolded and set up by one or two people. The folded platform is stabilised at certain points by carbon connection elements. It is now ready to be used either as a podium or put up as a partition or a shelf. This combination of a flexible textile and an extremely strong fibre creates a very light but very strong product by using the textile properties of carbon fibre.